Readersourcing 2.0

This ecosystem has been presented for the first time during the IRCDL 2019 Conference and provides an implementation of the Readersourcing approach which is proposed as an alternative to the standard peer review activity of scientific publications that aims to exploit the otherwise lost opinions of readers. The original paper can be found on Zenodo, while the code and the related documentation is available on GitHub. Click on the badges below to take advantage of these resources.

How To

To start using Readersourcing 2.0, sign up and login through this web interface and look at the top menu to explore the available functionalities. If something goes wrong, please use the "bug report" button and write to us.

Browser Extension

RS_Rate is an extension for Google Chrome available on its store. It is a client that can be used by readers of scientific publications to rate them directly from the browser without the need of using this web interface. Click on the banner below to install it.